Zone the physical world Tap into the data

Precise location-driven data, messaging, alerting, fencing, and GDPR-ready analytics platform 

Make your mobile app even more valuable to you and your customers.
Stop paying third party data aggregators.
We put you in the driver seat with the tools to digitize your own locations.
  • Go from “finger-driven" to “leg-driven" location-based content
  • Zone a parking spot, Earth, or anything in between – in seconds
  • Highly customizable to fit your business’ needs
  • SaaS model allows for a cost effective, quick deployment and integration
  • Intuitive U/I and powerful reporting, right out of the gate

Why Zonetap?

From startups to enterprises: we provide a highly precise and focused geo-targeting solution so you can focus on your core business.

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Marketing and Advertising

  • Set highly localized and customized promotions and sales alerts. As customers walk into your store (or a competitor’s store) they receive coupons, welcome messages, actionable tasks, etc… directly pushed to their smartphones.
  • Messaging can be immediate or delayed depending on your plan.
  • There is deep flexibility to match your company’s marketing and advertising philosophy.
  • Geofence triggering as accurate as 1 meter or better

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Friendly Analytics

  • Understand your customer’s walking habits in a GDPR-ready way. Gathered privacy-aware data gives you deep and meaningful insight of your customer’s location behavior.
  • Use this insight to enhance their customer experience, provide even more valuable location-based content to convert sales, and create in-store heat-maps. Tie in machine learning to automate actionable tasks based on set thresholds.

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Emergency Services

  • Send immediate emergency notifications across multiple channels, isolated to personnel by specific zones, quadrants, or buildings of a campus or city.
  • Know who is missing from the crowd within seconds, create meaningful reports based on automated and background smartphone app check-ins.
  • Add machine learning to enhance alerting of emergencies based on social media trends along with location aware and segmented alerting.

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Fencing and Alerting

  • Whether you are zoning an area like a metropolis, an agricultural field, a greenhouse, an in-store aisle/department, a parking spot, or anything in-between we can assist with tracking and managing your assets, alerting you or your customers when they cross thresholds, or keeping automated robots and drones within the specific physical parameters you set.
  • Create a virtual fence or highway per your business needs.

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Social Media Trending

  • Apply social media trends to automate location-based marketing on your app. Let our system manage when to initiate a campaign promotion based on the latest fashion, media personality, news feeds, sports franchise, and any social media-based hot topics.
  • Your subscribers will be aware of your brand associated to the hottest trends as they shop or walk.

How it Works

The steps are simple yet powerful. Integrate our code and use our platform to quickly add tremendous value to your app.

Tap Into Your App

Zonetap offers a unique solution that allows you to easily integrate our code into your smartphone application.

We provide a ‘soup-to-nuts’ white-labeled cloud-based platform that takes you from having no precise geo-targeting in your application to a fully fledged next-gen system within minutes.

Our solution enhances your app to gracefully wake and calculate when to take action as required by the campaign/project, while minimizing battery consumption.

We are constantly improving our device code to meet the demands of the latest smartphone operating system power management thresholds.

Insightful But Considerate

GPDR-ready analytics and reporting allow for insightful knowledge of your app user-base while still being a good citizen.

Record high-level data points from campaigns at either an anonymous device level, or aggregated groupings, or choose not to collect any data points at all and purge all content before it reaches the backend.

Providing better services to your app users require being committed to the individual’s privacy.

Intuitive design and easy to understand and use U/I allows for simple but effective management.

Present your customers live reports of active campaigns with their own login to your dashboard.

Digitize the Physical World

Using our patented “Geofence-as-a-Service" ready-set-go platform easily and quickly set-up campaigns at a local or global scale. You can now associate data points and digitize the physical world by zoning specific buildings, departments, landmarks, etc… to tap into location-driven data from your own customer base.

Create indoor or outdoor zones without the use of any additional hardware like beacons.

Accuracy can be within several meters down to just a few inches (and better – coming soon!) of a defined polygon, and you can make zones as small as a parking spot or as large as the globe.

Campaign/Program creation can be automated and can scale to meet your needs.

Group campaigns for fast and repetitive deployment.

About Us

Our mission: To democratize location-driven data services and technologies. We envision all businesses, regardless of size, to focus on their core competencies as we provide expertise and an easy to use platform with next generation geo-targeting solutions at an affordable price, while also being a good citizen with regard to honoring data privacy. The future is precise-location-based anonymous data, and we are here to provide those services to all.

  • Zonetap is a B2B2C SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company that is focused on helping businesses connect with their app users with messaging, alerting, and threshold fencing based on very precise locations. We call our technology Precise Geofence-as-a-Service TM
  • We put the business owner in the driver seat. You can now decide when and where to deliver content and to whom, when it matters the most to convert sales, increase brand awareness, or simply provide useful and vital information at the right place and time.
  • Gathered data points are GDPR-ready and friendly to the consumer but very useful to the business; allowing you better serve your customers in the long-run. Plus, you no longer need to pay a third party hefty prices for their, potentially intrusive, collected data.
  • We created a cloud-based platform where we provide a 100% hardware-free approach to help you create additional value to your existing smartphone application. We are totally focused on precise location-based solutions so you don’t have to be.


“ZoneTap helps our clients reach out to users in the physical world, where 98% of our industry’s sales occur. We look forward to seeing how their product grows overtime, and very much enjoy working with them to re-imagine the future of commerce in the grocery industry."

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