Oakland, CA

Something very interesting is happening in today’s world of location-aware apps; as you move your phone is getting smarter. Have you noticed recently why Facebook and Google are asking you to review, or read reviews of all the places you visit? Pay close attention because the world of Location Based Marketing (LBM) is here to stay. Consumers are now being tracked, hitting invisible zones triggered by their smartphone’s built-in GPS. As a business owner have you wondered how you could leverage this feature to help your bottom line today?

ZoneTap is an emerging patent-pending technology that will take LBM to the next level with its unique feature set. ZoneTap is the world’s first ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) offering to allow business owners to create, manage, and maximize location aware and timed coupons; adding the feature to the business’ existing apps through a simple API integration. Using the ZoneTap portal, business owners follow a simple instruction set to add their business’ brick and mortar stores that they would like to incorporate into the solution. Trigger zones are created in a designated area of their choice. An ad campaign is created by assigning coupons to specific geo zones while setting a schedule to run once, or on a recurring basis. The available integrated dashboard analytics give the business owner a ‘soup to nuts’ review of their campaign which help them improve on future offerings for a more targeted advertising approach.

The most important feature is how this solution integrates into the business’ own app. The ZoneTap API marries well into any existing active app, leveraging the existing user base. There is no sight of ZoneTap with the API integration, to the customer the offering is 100% transparent.

The ultimate goal for ZoneTap, as with many of other similar technologies, is helping business be smarter with knowing their customer’s location to better serve them. Knowing how a consumer purchases its goods is important but knowing where and when they are at any given time makes direct advertising more effective.

With the available ZoneTap toolset the business can create a timed coupon that connects into the deep psyche of the consumer’s sense of scarcity. Mimicking the sales from a “Black Friday” experience year-round is the ultimate goal for many businesses. ZoneTap gives you the necessary tools to do this; increase sales with the creation of an exciting and timed sale campaigns, all through a self-service interface. LBM through the use of ZoneTap makes the most sense for any business.


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