Pokémon Go For Your Business?

The viral AR game’s affect on Location-Based Marketing via mobile apps

I think everyone by now has read about, seen, or personally experienced the ultra viral Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS based game known as Pokémon Go. The goal of the game is to collect all the Pokémon you can discover hidden in the real world but only found through the magical lens of your smartphone’s camera. The wonder of the game and technology have people’s eyes glued to their smartphone throughout the day and night. For many people this is the first and possibly most extreme example of Location-Based Marketing (LBM) in their lives. The population as a whole (whether knowingly or not) are now comfortable with disclosing their location via their smartphone in return for information that makes their lives better, and in this case a bit more entertaining.

According to PCWorld, on July 20th there were up to 22 million daily active users playing Pokémon Go. What if you could take a sliver of the pie that is Pokémon Go and apply that enthusiasm of an extremely viral product to your business? Do you have a strategic plan to incorporate location-based active information to your customers? Are you ready to make your mobile application more dynamic and interesting to your customer base? What if I told you that there is a product already available that could help make your app not only be more interesting to your customers using a similar approach to that of Pokémon Go, but also make your marketing plan more targeted and customized. Location-based Marketing Software as a Service (LBM-SaaS) has come front and center. Meet ZoneTap, the world’s first Location-Based SaaS and plugin for your app.

ZoneTap gives your business the competitive edge to connect with your customers in real-time by pushing coupons associated to specific products or brands while shopping in-store, all the while they are using your own app. Instead of taking days to possibly weeks to strategize, implement and manage a beacon centric geo-fence we have created a beaconless approach that makes setup and deployment of product sales campaigns very flexible and extremely easy; a solution that can be completed and executed to your customers in a matter of minutes. We do not require you to build a new app, or to use our app to leverage the solution. With ZoneTap you have full control of what information is pushed, where it’s pushed, and how long or short the campaign should last.

Using of our portal interface we give you full flexibility by giving you the tools to create beaconless geo-zones drawn in or around your stores. Each zone will be an invisible area that determines when and where your customers receive information in the form of coupons or specials alerts on your app. Our scheduler will give you even more flexibility to set-up future campaigns with various run times. Finally, ZoneTap will not be visible to your customers. All LBM campaigns will come from you, with your brand and style as the main focus. Our solution gives you the ultimate control to incorporate a location-based marketing solution while leveraging your own users on your own app.

Make your app go viral by incorporating ZoneTap into your marketing plan!


Pokémon Go is owned by Pokémon, Nintendo, and Niantic Inc.

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